Au Contraire, Marc Lynch – Close the US Embassy in Syria

21 Jan

Today, Marc Lynch who writes as Abu Aardvark (how cute! I can be Umm Amal or Umm Jean-Paul or Umm al-Thawra!), declared in Foreign Policy that the “time has not yet come” for the U.S. Embassy in Syria to close — that would be only when it cannot defend its personnel. The deaths of 5,500 Syrians (a far greater number dead than the casualties of the 25th of January Revolution in Egypt) are not sufficiently important to register a symbolic break in diplomacy. He has also written that the U.S. – indeed, no Western nation should intervene. Why not? Why is Syria worth so little to the foreign policy establishment? Look to the south … there lies Israel — that’s why not. And observe the fears of post-Assad Islamist victories, as this is the regional political trend of our time. These fears are not the appropriate limiting factors that should be calculated at this time. Not only should the US Embassy be closed, but Arab nations who support Syrian freedom should cut relations with Syria now and send Syria’s diplomats home. Egypt and Tunisia first. Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and all others who have claimed concern over Syrian civilian deaths. European nations might close their embassies in Damascus as well. The time is now to send a signal, and this is one that may be sent which could prevent intervention.

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