Syria Update 30 July (IMEISS by Sherifa Zuhur)

30 Jul

Syria Update 30 July (IMEISS by Sherifa Zuhur)

Current death toll for Monday 85

Updated death toll for Sunday 150

The Free Syrian Army claims that it controls 60% of Aleppo. This contradicts the government’s claim last night that it had retaken the city.

The SAA claimed it had overrun a portion of the Salahaddin area of Aleppo in the morning.

The joint command of the Free Syrian Army has issued a national salvation draft, a blueprint for a political transition. It proposes a higher defense council which will include military leaders and high profile defected officers. The higher defense council is to create a presidential council, that in turn will choose 6 civilian and military leaders to lead a political transition. That group is to draft laws to be approved via referendum. There is to be a higher national council to protect the Syrian revolution which would monitor the transition as well.

The Syrian opposition took control of an important checkpoint to the northwest of Aleppo after a 10 hour battle with the SAA. This checkpoint allows them movement between Aleppo and Turkey.

SAA shelling via artillery and mortar in Aleppo this morning. The SAA shelled the town of Deir Hafer in Aleppo with warplanes.

Late yesterday a group of the Syrian opposition announced the formation of a military and security council for the Syrian coast – the area from Tartus to Ladhaqiyya.

SAA shelling via helicopter in Dara`a in the late afternoon.

Omar Khashram, a Palestinian correspondent for Al Jazeera was hit by shrapnel in Aleppo province after a mortar round hit near the car he was in . He is wounded, alive, and has been taken to hospital in Turkey.

Regional: The SNC head Abd al-Basset Sayda is visiting Iraq’s Kurdish region to try to convince Kurdish leaders to join the Syrian opposition.


The UN’s Ban Ki Moon stated that the SAA attacked the convoy of Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye, head of the UN observer mission in Syria over the weekend, but that the armored vehicles had protected him and his companions from injury.
Lieutenant Gen. Babacar Gaye said that he saw heavy shelling of Homs and al-Rastan during his first visit to Syria.
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned Assad that his attack on his own people in Aleppo will be a nail in his own coffin.
Syria closed its embassy in Australia.
Germany’s federal court will try a man employed at the Syrian embassy who passed on information regarding the Syrian opposition (presumably their contacts or whereabouts) to the Syrian government. The information he passed on led to multiple arrests in Syria. He will be tried on 35 counts of espionage.
Defections: The Syrian charge d’affairs in London has resigned.
Another brigadier general has defected from the SAA bringing the number of defected generals to 28.
12 Syrian police officers in the province of Ladhaqiyya have defected and fled to Turkey.
Borders: Greece is anticipating Syrian refugees fleeing from Turkey to Greece and will not allow illegal immigrants (?) in. The government has assigned 1800 officers and is setting up 26 floating barriers on the Evros river.


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