Syria Update August 3, 2012 (IMEISS … Sherifa Zuhur)

4 Aug

Syria Update August 3, 2012 (IMEISS …. Sherifa Zuhur)

Friday’s death toll is currently 120.

Shabiha affiliated to the regime murdered the imam of the al-Zabeer mosque in Tadamun in Damascus today.

Thousands of SAA flooded into the previously rebel-held area of Tadamun in Damascus today after week-long efforts. They conducted house-to-house raids

The SNC announced today that the opposition will not withdraw from Aleppo. This apparently signals the intent of the remaining opposition fighters to battle for victory or death.

Internet and telephone services are still cut off in Aleppo. The SAA is still attempting to retake FSA-held areas.

The FSA took control of a police station and the scientific research building in Aleppo today and also detained snipers.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in al-Shaar in Aleppo today and called for the death of Bashar al-Assad and also for “freedom and peace.”

The SAA shelled al-Sukari today in Aleppo.

One security-based analysis center claimed that the presence of older tanks (T-55s) in Aleppo means that ordinary units peopled with Sunni conscripts are fighting in Aleppo instead of the elite 4th Division or the Republican Guard, and that in turn means that these forces might be more likely to defect.

The SAA killed 50 people today in Hama.

The SAA killed 4 people after 14 soldiers defected in Hama’s airport.

The FSA today condemned the killings shown on Youtube of the captured Barri tribe members.

The FSA took over a regime security post in al-Mayadeen in Deir az-Zur today.

A resident of Deir az-Zur reported to the BBC that the SAA has been continuously firing on Deir az-Zur for days. Most of the residents have fled – 120,000 of its 600,000 residents are left. Those receiving government salaries haven’t been paid for 45 days, the market is closed and there are food shortages now.

The SAA shelled Kfar Soussa and Daraya in Damascus today. The SAA also shelled the town of al-Hamouriyya outside of Damascus today and there were casualties.

The SAA shelled al-Nahta in Dara`a and also al-Kharita in Deir az-Zur. The SAA raided Basr al-Harir in Dara`a where there were clashes with the FSA.

Among the many Friday protests were those held in the southern Dara`a province, the Hassakeh (Kurdish) area and in the northwest of Idlib province, in al-Quriya in Deir az-Zur, al-Hama in Deir az-Zur, al-Shaar, al-Malaab, Sayf al-Dawla, al-Maghayer and al-Forqan and the Sokhour areas in Aleppo, in al-Malaab in Hama, in the town of Khotab in Hama, in the neighborhood of al-Bayyad in Hama, the town of Yadouda in Dara`a and in Kafr Nabil in Idlib.


The United Nations General Assembly resolution to condemn Syria carried with 133 votes in support and only 12 nations against it. The resolution drafted by Saudi Arabia and co-sponsored by numerous other countries expresses grave concern at the escalation of violence in Syria, and deplores the “failure of the Security Council to agree on measures to ensure the compliance of Syrian authorities with its decisions.” It calls for a political transition to a democratic pluralist political system.
The text of the resolution is here:

The 12 nations voting against it were: Belarus, Bolivia, Belarus, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Iran, Nicaragua North Korea, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

Russia strongly condemned the UN resolution and expressed concerns over the rebels fighting in Aleppo and condemned Western nations for providing the opposition with military supplies.

Syria has requested financial loans and oil supplies from Russia which may mean that Syria no longer has the $17 billion in foreign reserves that it possessed prior to the national conflict.

Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas strongly condemned the attack by the SAA yesterday evening on the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk just as residents were preparing to break the Ramadan fast which killed 21.

Hackers have been placing false stories about the Syrian opposition on Reuters website including a claim that the rebels had chemical weapons from Libya. Reuters was unable to determine who the hackers are.

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague said that Britain will increase non-military support to the Syrian opposition.

Defections: Another Syrian brigadier-general has defected and crossed into Turkey last night. This makes 29 generals who have defected. He was accompanied by his family.

14 soldiers defected in Hama’s airport (see above).


About 1,000 Syrians crossed over into Turkey in the last 24 hours.

Morocco announced that it will send aid to Jordan to help the Syrian refugees.

Cham Wings Airlines, a private airline brought 151 Syrians from Aleppo yesterday to Egypt. At least 300 Syrians flew into Egypt, some to Sharm al-Shaykh from Damascus.

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