On “Hearsay” vs. Casualties – Sherifa Zuhur

6 May

Yes, the Israeli airstrikes deserve some extended comment but they may not signal that further military intervention is forthcoming.
But first I want to address the issue of casualties and their accuracy.

Recently, an old friend commented on my feed that reports of Syrians killed were “hearsay.” I found that terribly insulting and misleading, as I’ve been following casualties by governorate on a daily basis since the SOHR and the LCCs and other news outlets began reporting them and issued daily reports from July of last year. I gave up issuing daily reports this spring (because not enough people read them, they’re time-consuming to write, & I have other responsibilities) and moved to weekly ones. I am careful to report “unconfirmed” or “conflicting” per casualties, but please, “old friends” let’s not confuse SANA or Press TV with accurate reports of deaths in Syria.

For ex. there are currently unconfirmed reports of about two thousand people killed in the Israeli airstrikes of Sunday, May 05, 2013. In the Syria Updates, when I include “8 deaths including 2 children” per LCC identified dead, these can be taken as “confirmed,” – even though in some cases, even more people were killed. The 70,000 est. of Syrian dead is now low.

The following type of detailed report gives a Facebook link (to memorialize the person) or sometimes a video and these identified deaths are confirmed. Here’s an example of info. from the Deir Press which includes such details (They are sometimes difficult to read in the original, so I clean up the grammar and the Press separates “martyrs” from “recently documented martyrs” [meaning they were recently identified, but may not have been killed yesterday]).

Deaths on May 05, 2013 as the Assad government carried out its 326th consecutive day of military attacks on the city of Deir az-Zur.

Adham Jasem Nayef Al-Jneid, an FSA member was killed in clashes in the neighborhood of as-Sina`a in Deir az-Zur.

A sniper (Assad-loyalist) killed Samer Nabeel Al-Furati, 22 years old in As-Sina`a in Deir az-Zur.

The Syrian military shelled the village of Marrat killing Heba Turki al-Hammadi; a young girl, as well as Ibrahim Turki al-Hammadi (a young boy) and Rahaf Turki al-Hammadi.

A regime sniper killed Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, 18 years old at the Death passageway in Deir az-Zur

Recently “documented” martyrs.

Ammar Saleh Al-Hosson died in the regime shelling of HamidiyYa neighborhood, 2-5-2013

A sniper killed Hammadi Khalaf Al-Hussein, FSA member from Al-H’sainiyeh village. He was killed in Rushdiyya in Deir az-Zur (4-5-2013)

In clashes with the regime military, Oudai Abboud Al-Khalaf, a 27 year old FSA member was killed in as-Sina`a 4-5-2013.


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