The Mossad Breaches Egypt’s Sovereignty — and Morsy Lets Them.

28 Jun

I received shocking news this evening.

I was not dead-set against the Freedom and Justice party from the outset as I believed the Muslim Brotherhood played an important role in the opposition to Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and to the degree that people identify with them — and they deliver — they would no doubt be part of the new government. Some know that I did my initial academic research on the Muslim Brotherhood, so I know the organization rather well since the 1980s. At first, I believed the Morsi government’s complaints that liberals were stubborn and wouldn’t play ball, but realized since Morsi’s victory last June they see politics as a zero-sum game, not one of inclusion. The battle over the Constitution was not the only issue.

I had noticed some of the comments by such anti-Islamist sources as the Angry Arab who warned that Islamists would sell out Palestine so to speak. There are those who are pro-peace but also pro-justice – yet, Palestine in the sense of Bayt al-Maqdis receives attention by the international Muslim community & Islamists among them. I have heard more direct hints from some Iraqis – who shockingly (to me) said they’d be happy not to bother with Palestine in order to keep the U.S. happy. But these individuals had no ties to Islamists.

All of a sudden, I am concerned about the price that the MB in power in Egypt are willing to pay. And the ideas above of selling out Egypt’s sovereignty no longer sound wild or doctrinaire.

While we’ve all been preoccupied with Morsi’s oratorical skills (or lack thereof) and Tamarod (Rebel’s) campaign & the fate of the electoral process in Egypt, Israel’s MOSSAD has gone inside of the Egyptian border and kidnapped a Palestinian from Gaza. Wael Abu Rida is affiliated with the al-Aqsa Defenders (so that’s why Hamas may not have reacted) and used with Islamic Jihad, but is no longer. He was kidnapped because he was trying to get medical treatment for his wife. He is a jihadist, but not a Nazi, and no court has condemned him – except perhaps the Mossad’s secret tribunals.

Do you think for one minute the Mossad carried out their mission without the full knowledge of Egyptian intelligence, the highest authorities and specifically the Ministries of the Interior and Defense? Or did these agencies assist the Mossad?

And what would Egypt’s not-always-so-silent majority think about this matter? Is the Sinai sovereign Egyptian soil? Or not so much, or not always? Will Israel carry out other abductions under the Morsi government? What does this mean for the Morsi government’s commitment to the rights of Palestinians in Gaza?

Not one word has been published (yet) about the affair in the Egyptian press and only this the Arab press (
) It’s only circulated on Twitter since about 8:15 EST. And with the new crackdowns expected by the Morsi government, I’m very grateful for the understanding and interest of my Egyptian friends who hold dear their sovereignty and are all working so hard toward a better future.

Other governments have aided the Mossad – the Ukrainian security services were part of the abduction of Palestinian Dirar Abusisi two years ago. ( Novel after novel by Daniel Silva romanticize the Mossad and its cooperation with European security services and U.S. agencies.

As the one intrepid Jewish activist who is opposed to extralegal activities of Israeli national security (Richard Silverstein) and who reported the kidnapping has mentioned, the Ukraine obtained new trade and visa agreements shortly after the Abusisi affair.

So what is the Morsi government going to receive for this cooperation on Egyptian soil? (Which is probably known as well to the U.S. intelligence, but it has been hushed up inside of Israel). It is a violation of the current ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Worst of all, it makes the Egyptian government appear to be a dupe, a push-over to Israel and a horrible hypocrite with all of its assertions of commitment to justice for the Palestinians.

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