Morsi Ousted, Egyptian Army Declares Transitional Period

3 Jul

Declaration by El Sisi, the head of the Egyptian military and Morsi’s former Minister of Defense to the people of Egypt.

“The Army does not want and will not lead the country or be in power. We only want to apply the (Egyptian) people’s will. The Egyptian people have called on us for help and we have responded. We tried repeatedly to bring (about a) dialogue including the presidency. We began calling everyone to dialogue but presidency declined although everyone else agreed.

We tried repeatedly internally and externally to draw attention to the dangers surrounding Egypt. No one was listening. We met with Morsi and expressed our rejection of presidency’s threats against the people and against state institutions. But Morsi’s speech (of last week – the long disastrous one that I tweeted) disappointed us and the people and we therefore decided to consult politically involved people including the Muslim Brotherhood to end the clashes. We decided on suspending the current constitution; that the head of the Constitutional court will lead country during transitional period (except it will be the deputy head); forming a committee to write a new constitution; asking the Constitutional Court to approve a law for new elections; forming a technocratic government; forming a committee for reconciliation.

We ask people to be peaceful and not resort to violence. We warn that we’ll strongly deal with violence.

Also speaking to the public were the Shaykh al-Azhar, the highest-ranking Muslim official in Egypt, Pope Tawadros, the highest-ranking Coptic (Christian) authority, and Mohammed El Baradei, on behalf of the coalition of groups which supported the 30th of June protests including the youth movement Tamarrod.

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