Clearing of Brotherhood’s Nahda Protest Site: An Eyewitness Statement.

14 Aug

Readers, as soon as I have composed my thoughts about this new stage of Egypt’s remarkable passage towards freedom and democracy, I will. Too exhausted now after staying up all night to cover the clearing of the Rabaa and Nahda Muslim Brotherhood occupied sites. The clearing operation of al-Nahda did not take all that long. Shots were fired at the security officers but they did not (initially) fire at Nahda. Rabaa was mostly cleared but there were holdouts, 3 Ikhwan in a tent firing on the security officers and they were killed in that tent. Also Beltagy’s daughter was reported killed.  There were many casualties, but while the Ikhwan claims thousands, the government figures are in dispute. (Later the figure was put at approx. 900).

Here is another eyewitness of the operation to clear Nahda. I think her testimony is important so am posting it here:

Nadia Fadel: I am a witness to what happened at El Nahda square this morning, since I overlook the square. I am awake since 5 a.m. and have followed the events minute by minute. The police force demonstrated a very high degree of professionalism,a great deal of restraint. and a sincere concern for human lives including those demonstrators who showed the police and army no mercy. I cannot stand to listen to the news coverage of CNN or BBCworld or Sky news. who are showing pictures of those criminal demonstrators with machine guns , weapons, and their snipers on rooftops and claiming that these are the police force shooting at unarmed helpless demonstrators.? Are they that biased that they can so flagrantly twist the truth? or do they think that all these cameras and reporters covering the events are blind? Wake up. You are losing your credibility……Do you not hear of all the arms and ammunition found among these peaceful demonstrators??????? Do you not hear of the dead, tortured bodies found buried in and around El Nahda square and Rabaa traffic light? Or how they terrorised the lives of the residents of Rabaa and made their life hell????? would you accept that to happen to your neighbourhood and then tell me “‘PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS?????????????” Go back to being the respected news channel that we all once enjoyed watching. I hope that somehow this testament will reach you eyes and ears, and for the record the army did not fire any shots . either.  (She was referring to the beginning of the clearing of the demonstration at Nahda).

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