IMEISS – Call for Donations for 2014

30 Dec

This Institute has operated for 13 years without any fundraising. Unlike Juan Cole’s Informed Comment, I’ve never asked readers to contribute.  It’s amazing that many women scholars try to open their work to the public, carry out research and never think of asking for donations as many of our male counterparts do!  (The Angry Arab, Electronic Intifada, just to mention a few more)

Last year, when I had a nearly fatal accident, I had to close our reading room, put the building up for sale and there were no funds to maintain a website. I had to scale down my Syria Reports because each one takes 3 – 4 hours to compile. We nevertheless provided interesting reading about the Middle East and the Islamic World on IMEISS Facebook page, which I invite you to join:

I was able in 2013  without any support (or salary!)  to travel for research and publish or draft chapters on Egypt’s minorities and women in the wake of the 2011 Revolution, and on Syria’s and Egypt’s militaries and fighting groups.

For the New Year and through 2014, I’m asking those of you who can afford to donate to IMEISS to help me with travel funding, other expenses and to be able to continue sharing opinions which you won’t read elsewhere.

If I receive sufficient funds, IMEISS can build a website with a link to Paypal.

Donations should be made out to me,

Sherifa Zuhur

and sent to:

341 Garland Drive
Carlisle PA 17013

Please add your email address.

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